Reflection On Odysseus

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5. What was a scene that worried or scared you? What made it that way? There was a time the odysseus when to go see zuse to confront him in order to get the curse that has been placed on him to be removed. This was hard for me to read because i was under the impression that it was zeus that put the curse on him in the fors place and i was thinking that he is going to half to kill zuse if he talks like that to him because if he does talk to him like that then zuse is going to kill him for his insolence or even put a even worse curse on him so i was a little concerned. 6. What other books) or movies) did this book remind you of? In a way it reminded me of a movie called hard core hennry and in this move and very much like in the book it is that the main characters find themselves in a predicament of having there life and own wife even taken away from them and there is a final boss that must be beaten. In the odysea it was the person that had cursed him, and for henery it was the person that took his wife from him. And in this journey; in both books they are both found it a crossroads of eye ther giving up towards the end or…show more content…
I know that it is a cleshay to make him my favorite character but just look at what he accomplished in his own story. He is cursed by a god of all thing and in response he finds himself at that god's very front door steps demanding that the curse be lifted from his self. When he is met by a creacher of the see that know man has ever been able to harm in anyway and has always been met with death in its wake. Odyceuse the badass that he is kills the beast with all of his limes intakt, and after ten years our in sea he arrives back at his home and what is the first thing that he does is he kills every person that was hitting on his wife out of principle. This man knows what he want when he wants it and no person on or off of his planet can ever stop him not even a
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