My Favorite Dance

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In my free time I enjoy a variety of activities, but came to the conclusion dance was my all time favorite sport. Watching people dance and different types of styles of dance just became of much interest to me. At an early age dance seemed to have stuck to me and my lifestyle permanently. I would wake up dancing, dream about dancing and just wanted to show other people how to dance. Nonetheless, dance became such an impact in my life and has really molded me into the person that I wanted to be.
Growing up, dancing became somewhat of a hobby. I never really had watched or seen any one dance hip-hop before. The way my body just moved to different types of music was just more so of habit at the age of 8. I one day came across a video of a choreographer by the name of Wade Robinson and my jaw hit the floor. The way this man moved to different types of music made me instantly feel like dancing, not to mention I thought maybe that could be me one day. Ever since than I grew a love for watching a variety of choreographers, mainly hip-hop ones and I would re-watch their videos over and over again. Soon after I would mirror these videos I have watched and just dance in the mirror for hours without paying attention to the time that had passed by. My mom soon noticed after catching me multiple times, mainly because I was really shy at the time that dance was something I was extremely interested in and soon after signed me up for beginner classes. After middle school and

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