My Favorite Day In School

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Just like every teacher I know, I was thrilled that the summer had begun. I had two months off and was getting paid for it. I had made so many plans for this day. Of course I was going to eat healthy, exercise and read, but the highlight was... I was going to watch so much TV!!!! I usually don’t get to do that while I’m working, as I’m so busy with my corrections and all the other things that teachers do. With two boys and one girl, we are either watching sports or Mythbusters during the school year. So today was the day I would watch uninterrupted television for hours. I warned my kids and told them that the TV belonged to me for the next couple of hours, so they should find something else to do. Of course they went back to their cell phones and iPods. I made myself a hot cup of coffee with my special french vanilla creamer and I sat on the couch with the remote in my hand. I was so excited! As I turned on the TV, the first thing that came on was Adam Levine talking about his acne issues. I tried to figure out what that was about, then realized it was an infomercial for Proactive. I really didn’t feel like watching close up pictures of zits so I changed the channel. The next channel had this little girl who had an interesting family, to say the least. The show was called, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. It was absolutely ridiculous. The girl was very cute, but the show was just horrific. So I changed the channel again and came across a show called Naked and Afraid! People

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