My Favorite Dog Essay

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The Coolest Dog Ever

It was a bright sunny day. Me, my dad, and my brother were driving down the road looking for a dog. We had been looking for a dog all day, but we hadn’t found a single dog all day that isn't owned by someone, and even a stray would do, we just wanted a dog and it wasn't just any day it was my birthday, and all i had wanted was a dog even though i thought that all dogs were evil killing machines I was ready to give them a chance.

So we were just driving to the down the road looking everywhere we could think of a dog living. Finally i saw a sign it said free golden labs! I was so excited i almost jumped out of the truck and ran to the sign, but i calmed down for a minute and told my dad what i had seen
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It was a bright day perfect for playing with her but she wasn't feeling very good, and She was throwing up everywhere but the day before we had poured chlorine in the pool and it tore through the pool then she drank the chlorine and the chlorine ripped through the pool as it did my dog. She was throwing up everywhere and when i found out what had happened i called my dad while he was working. He didn't answer. So i called the restaurant phone and said i needed to talk to my dad so they gave him the phone and i told him how i think she had drank the pool water. So he sent two of his employees to get my brother, me,and my dog from the house and we rushed to the dog emergency room, and hoped they could save her. A few days later we got a call from the vet and got news that she did not make it. I thought at least I got to have the experience of owning an awesome dog like this one, and that not all dogs are mean, evil, bloodthirsty, killing machines, I also learned that i am a dog person, and that some dogs can be cool, nice, and funny, even though i got all of these new awesome experiences. Me and my dad were still so mad that she died, we threw away our pool and never got another one again. Then from the experience of this awesome dog, me and my brother just knew we had to have another
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