Essay About Ocean Park Experience

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1. I went to Ocean Park on Christmas Eve. In the area of Marine World, I coincidently met my old friends who studied the same primary school with me. Therefore, we played rides and spent the half day together. Before we left Ocean Park, we went to the souvenir shop near the exit and took photos of this day memory. And this picture was taken there, holding those cute panda toys.

2. This photo was taken in a Japanese restaurant. It is my dad 's favourite shop. I often eat in this restaurant with him. Every time we shop in Causeway Bay, he must bring me to this restaurant since it is located in Causeway Bay.

3. I celebrated my mom 's birthday in a Japanese buffet restaurant. This kind of restaurant offers as much as you can eat for a standard
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I went to the Whampoa Military Academy. And I trained for three days two nights. It was an exhausting training. After we had reached the training base, we wore the camouflage training clothes. And started our Navy military training such as military boxing training, obstacle course, adventure training, stand sentry duty training, queue training, take the land tanks, artillery operations, field march, night march and paintball field combat training. The end of the training, we were awarded certificates. This training helped enhance the ability of self-care.

14. My school celebrated National Day. We celebrated by playing dodgeball and skipping. Since our class lose in the game, so our punishment is to eat a piece of white wheat bread.

15. We were preparing for our class skipping competition. I was tying two ropes together so that the rope was long enough for us to skip on.

16. I went to the Hong Kong Space Museum for my Physics study. We went to the Stanley Ho Space Theatre to watch an Omnimax Show. After that, we went to have a talk in the lecture.

17. In Chinese New Year, I went to the Lunar Year Eve 's Market with my family. Before we start walking inside, we ate traditional Chinese snack, sweet glutinous rice pudding with red beans and local street-side snack, spring field
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