My Favorite Experience Of Korea

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When I was my 15 years, I watched my first Korean dorama. Then I did not know how it would exert an impact on my fate and view of life. This was the world-famous “Boys over flowers”, which became an occasion of my acquaintance with the country of morning freshness. I strongly believe that my life transformed for better and blossomed after watching this Korean dorama was watched by everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. It drew in this world – the world of Korean drama, Korean pop and Korean cinema. Knowledge about Korea was increasing more and more gradually and new sides of Korea were opened. I ascertained the country is famous not only of the Korean wave, Hallyu, but also of kimchi, various traditional food, colorful nature and combination of tradition and modernity. And some pieces of the Korean culture and language are quite similar to the Kyrgyz culture and language. I regularly used Korea as a case study to familiarize myself with writing about Asian economics, which has developed my understanding of Korean economic development and society. Learning the Korean language and trying to note down homework reminders in Korean are approaches to incorporate Korean into my daily life. Learning Korean language I realized that it was highly important to study it deeper, to get more acquaintance with Korean various aspects and also plunge into Korean atmosphere. Besides Korean language I have another favorite activity, which always nourishes with positive emotions and

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