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Football has always been part of life starting when I was a little boy. It wasa real long time ago I could not remember much but I do remember all of theexcitement and the yelling and at times the crying that feeling of some sort ofdepression when your team loses the play, the ball gets intercepted or fumbledand even losing the game. But on the other hand you have the feeling of victorythe feeling of your team getting the ball or picks it up after the fumble and thesense of relief if it was your own team who fumbled it. My favorite feeling is thefeeling of revenge or a touchdown that wins the game. When I was about 10 Istated to noticed a team that began to stand out and with that team I havebecome to realize that one of my favorite if not…show more content…
Demaryius woke up one Saturday morning to aloud pounding on the front door he peeked outside his front window to see copsguns in hand. He walked outside out of confusion he sees his mom in handcuffsand police dogs sniffing the front yard and just as if things can’t get any worsetheir school bus starts to pull up. His mother asks the cops if she can get her kidsready for school the officers says that she can. While she was helping her kidsonto the bus she began to tell them that everything was going to be okay this wasnot true and as it turned out they have also arrested their grandmother as wellDemaryius mother while in court was offered a plea deal the deal was that if shegave her testimony against her mother she would receive a shorter sentence sherefused the deal and later was given a 20 year sentence for housing and intent todistribute crack and cocaine and at the time when she was serving in an interviewover the phone she said that, “it was either put my mother there, but on theother hand I have my kids I believe it was a lose lose situation. The news crew thatinterviewed her asked her if she regrets not talking the offer she said, “That one isstill a no” they followed up with a different question, “what would you have donedifferently?” she replied, “say no to my mother” what else? She then replied in asoft crying voice “I would have been a better
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