My Favorite Football Essay

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Football has always been part of life starting when I was a little boy. It wasa real long time ago I could not remember much but I do remember all of theexcitement and the yelling and at times the crying that feeling of some sort ofdepression when your team loses the play, the ball gets intercepted or fumbledand even losing the game. But on the other hand you have the feeling of victorythe feeling of your team getting the ball or picks it up after the fumble and thesense of relief if it was your own team who fumbled it. My favorite feeling is thefeeling of revenge or a touchdown that wins the game. When I was about 10 Istated to noticed a team that began to stand out and with that team I havebecome to realize that one of my favorite if not the favorite football player. He’s awide receiver his number is 88 and he plays for the Denver Broncos DemaryiusThomas and if you have seen the catches this guy has made under deep coverageis pretty awesome. But little did I know that this man has had a very troublingpast. Although he might have had a rough past that did not stop him fromreaching his most bright future and his most impressive career.Before we get into Demaryius Thomas past let’s talk about his career infootball. Now when he was in high school he went to a high school called Dexter
Demaryius Thomas Jacob Crandall(GA) West Laurens and was such a success in his high school career in football as awide receiver that he got a scholarship to George tech and to go on and playthere

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