My Favorite Genre

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Movies influence a big part of life. They are a great outlet for entertainment, family bonding, and dating. Movies come in various themes that can be classified into specific genres. Genres make it easier for a person like myself, very indecisive, to select a movie to watch. The movies in my collection at home can be classified according to their genres. The specific genres include comedy, horror, and romance. The first set of movies in my collection fall under the genre of comedy. Comedies are my favorite genre of movie. Watching a comedy is a great way to lift your spirits or get you out of a funky mood. One movie in particular is a movie by the name of Life. Life is a movie about two men who get together for a bootlegging mission to Mississippi that is supposed to produce plenty of money. Along the way they find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, and end up getting life in prison for something they did not do. This movie is full of whimsical scenes and mirthful moments. An all-time favorite scene of mine is when Jangalang, a character in the movie, meets one of the main characters Claude. While shaking Claude’s hand Jangalang tells him “Your hand nice and soft, like a lady’s”, and Claude automatically retracts his hand in disgust. Comedies, although meant to be funny, can sometimes be horrific due to the lack of humor. This brings me to my next category, horror. The second set of movies in my collection fall under the genre of horror. Horror movies are
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