My Favorite Gift Essay

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One of the memories that is more permeate in my mind is when my father had to travel to China for business intentions. I remember when he leave the country but not more than when he arrived home. Usually, when he came back home he usually brang with him some gifts for me and my mother, and he never forgets to bring to me my favorite gift which I still love when he give away to me. I like to call it as the God´s dessert because of its curious shape of production, intense flavor, and delightful meaning.

Thinking in this product makes me want to have some of it. The first impression people might have when they see this dessert is that it might be an expensive and luxurious product because of its embellished packaging. It can be identified by the cute design of the box due to the fact that in the left of the box there is a sumptuous ribbon that its background color is a combination between dark cinnamon and lightly caramel, furthermore, the ribbon has the brand´s name sketched all around it. The thematic color of the whole box is pearly white what makes the letters of the brand, written on the top of the box, stand out in a bright gold.
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Its aroma takes me in retrospective when I was young and I sat with my parents all mornings for breakfast. During that special meal of the day, the intense smell of the hot, brown, and sweet drink never missed. Furthermore, its packaging not only makes me thing in the emotion feeling I had every time my father arrive home after a month of been far away from me, but also reminds me the trips and all the airports I had visited with him. This Belgian product also gives me a reason in life with other due to the fact that when I think in the experience I have every time I taste one piece of it, makes me want to share the same experience with others and try to make them happy with only a

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