My Favorite Horror Movie Analysis

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Fear is one of the most common theme in movies. In fact, fear in movies hardly touches us in real life. Therefore, horror movie can temporarily create emotional experience without devasting consequences. There is no doubt that horror movie is terifying yet exciting while some of them have certain moral value which impressed us much. In fact, I am timid enough but I would like to challenge myself for watching extremely horrible horror movies. Therefore, I have picked two of my favourite horror movies to make a comparative essay which is ‘ As above so below’ and ‘monster house’. These two movies are horror movie and meanwhile, they are adventure movie as well. ‘As above so below’ is all about trasure hunting while ‘Monster house’ is a kid adventure horror animation movie. Do not judge that ‘ Monster house’ was really freaking scary when I was just a kid at the year of 2006. In the movie ‘ As above so below’, the main character – Scarlett brings along her friends which is George, Bobby, Pappilon, Souxie and Zed. They went into Paris’s mystery underground which believe that the place has countless dead body and spirites, just to discover the truth – the stone which can turns everything into gold and it able to extend human’s lifespan. Besides, in ‘ Monster house’, there are three kids who lead by DJ ( the main character) to check out the strange and creepy house and start their adventure. Both main character of the movie are really attracting me from their personality.

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