My Favorite Horror Movie

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Announcer: A long day of work has finally come to an end. You come home slog through your regular soaps and reruns? Why? Because you know when the clock strikes 11, the night’s main event begins. Live from Springfield, it 's the Bart Show! Bart: Hello hello hello, thank you thank you thank you. Yes, I know I 'm more handsome than Brad Pitt, but Ryan Reynolds might be a bit of a stretch. It 's a massive pleasure to have everyone here with me tonight and I just want to let everyone know that, no, you cannot eat my shorts right now. Tonight we’re talking about my favorite thing to do when I 'm not ruling the playground, or skateboarding, or even putting thumbtacks on principal Skinner 's chair. No my favorite thing to do every night as watch a good scary movie. And you know what the greatest scary movie is? It 's not any I 've starred in, especially not Treehouse of Horror 115... ...that was not my best work. No, my favorite horror movie is Psycho, you know, the one with the stabby stabby in the shower scene. That movie made sure Lisa didn’t shower for a week! I 'm sure you 've all heard of it, but the person I 'm with here tonight lives it, breathes it, and he— how do you say— might try to kill me one more time. You’re all here to make sure that doesn 't happen just yet, so without much further ado, welcome Krusty the Clown! Krusty: Hello kids, hello! It 's Krusty the Clown here! Thank you very much for having me, Bart, and I just wanted to make sure everybody knows before

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