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Movies have different genres like comedy, horror, romance, adventure, and more. I love movies because there’s always a new story in different movies. My favorite movie is The Gabby Douglas Story because within the movie, I could relate. I also love the movie because she tackles many obstacles and she reached her dream to become an Olympic champion. First, I could relate to Gabrielle Douglas in the movie. My mother took my siblings and me to a different environment when times became difficult with my father. My mother wanted to provide for my siblings and me on her own. At the time, there were only three kids, but it was still a challenge. For some time, we were homeless and we didn’t have anywhere to go. Like Gabby’s mom, my mom was…show more content…
My mom kept faith and didn’t ever show when she struggled to make ends meet. Next, Gabrielle Douglas tackles many obstacles within her life. Gabby enjoyed gymnastics and wanted to attend gymnastics classes, but her mom couldn’t afford it. Gabby’s siblings offered to give up their sports so that their mom would have enough money for the gymnastics classes. This marked the beginning of her journey. Gymnastics was Gabrielle’s passion because she literally ate, breathed, and slept about becoming an Olympic champion. Later on in life, Gabrielle was presented the opportunity to go to her favorite Olympic coach’s camp, however, it wasn’t as easy to receive the opportunity. Gabby asked her mother to move with the rest of the family to another state that happened to be hours away. Her mother refused because her mom wasn’t capable of affording to just pick up and move. Gabrielle was furious and went on a silent strike. Luck suddenly…show more content…
Gabrielle didn’t like her injury because she had worked so hard to make it so close to let herself down. What inspired gabby the most was when she remembered that her siblings have up so much for her and that her siblings supported her every step of the way. Once gabby took the stage for her Olympic championship, she took all the practices from day one of gymnastics until the day of the Olympics and put on a great performance. Gabrielle Douglas accomplished her dream at a young

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