My Favorite Music

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Music is the most common medium of popular culture. This medium is among the most common because it has numerous genres and sub-genres. Music can range from pop to classical to rock to punk and the various mixes. Classical music can be used in rap and hip-hop but can also be used in electronic dance music. Music is easily accessible by all no matter the socio-economic standing, race, gender, or disability. Deaf people can feel the different vibrations while blind people can learn to play sheet music by hearing it played by others in person or by recording. Music is usually an escape for both artists and consumers alike. Music does not and never will have a singular intention or a singular demographic. Music for me was the interest that drew me to attend university in the first place. Music allowed me to actually grow more confident in myself. With music, I am not a disabled woman; I am Katie the trumpet player and singer. Music allows me to be my true self. One of my favourite bands is Hedley because their music conveys multiple messages. My absolute favourite song by them is “Gunnin’” because it is clear that this song was written about something that is extremely personal to the band. My personal favourite lyric is “And I feel like I 'm fine today, I feel like I 'm ready to take this on, and I 'll fight you to the grave for it, I 'll never let you take a part of me with you .” While this song was written by the lead singer about his sister’s friend who was battling an
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