My Favorite Place In The World

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The sun sparkles in the sky on a hot July day. The water shimmers, reflecting the sheen of the sun into my eyes. The wind blows my hair against my face and disturbs the warm sand near my feet. I walk into the cool water of the lake, and it feels calming against my skin on such a hot day. I feel at ease. For at this moment, I am one with the earth, and all my problems wash off of me like a healing baptism of peace. It’s me and the calm waters of Lake Michigan. It’s me and my favorite place in the world.
The birds sing from above, filling the surrounding beach with their melodious songs. I listen to their tunes like an iPod on shuffle; every song is different and exciting. Watching the colorful feathers of the birds soar through the wind, I see the deep blue of the sky turn gray in the distance. Dark fluffy clouds form in the horizon, with a mild threat of rain before the day’s end, but it doesn’t matter right now. In this moment, all that matters is the fresh smell of the nearby pine trees and the feel of the crisp breeze against my skin. And just as quickly as I was the only one at the lake, I turn around; I see the swarm of people coming to enjoy the extraordinary gift that is Lake Michigan.
I saunter across the warmth of the sand, finding the most ideal spot to lay my towel. Once I’ve found that perfect spot, I place the towel down like an elegant gown. I lather sunscreen across my thirsty skin before I lay, relaxing in the heat of the day. I stretch my legs out on my
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