My Favorite Place Is A Beautiful Place

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My hometown Yantai is a beautiful place.Yantai is located in the northeast of Shandong Province. It is borderd by both the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea. It is situated at the foot of the hill and beside the sea with beautiful scenery.
The contemporary name of Yantai came from the watchtowers constructed on Mount Qi in 1398, during the regin of the Hongwu Emperor, founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty(yan—smoke; tai—tower). The towers served to raise alarms against invasions of Japanese pirates. Evidence suggests YanTai existed as a city as long as10000 years ago. Although Yantai is located in North China, monsoon regulate the climate, keeping it warm and humid. Fruits and vegetables are plentiful in Yantai. The famous fruit is apple, pear and cherry. Yantai’s seafood is rich and colorful. Local cooks take advantage of area’s abundant sea food, and fruits, creatively crafting tasty dishes. And it surrounded by green mountains. There is no heavy traffic in Yantai, and the air here is very fresh.
Yantai is also the cradle of wine production in China, housing the largest wine production base in Asia. With its high quality and more than 100-years of history, Zhangyu Red Wine from Yantai is a widely known brand in China and abroad. In 1987, the International Grape and Wine Bureau dubbed Yantai the “ International Grape and Wine City.”You can enjoy top red wine.
In 2004, China Central Television recognized Yantai as the most “Charming City of China.” There are many interesting

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