My Favorite Place Of The House Essay

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The kitchen.
Ah! The Kitchen! My favorite place of the house. This is where delicious, tasty treats are made. This warm, snug room in the house in nothing less than the workshop of taste. It act as a magnet for bring the household together. The beautifully crafted wooden doors store delicious aromas and instruments for creation of delicious art. The wooden floor is flawless clean. The shiny metal stove, glistening with the warm yellow light shed on it by the ceiling lights. The silent fan slowly moves air through this space spreading the aroma throughout the house as in invitation to eat. I small wooden table sits snugly in the corner adorned with beautifully crafted coffee mugs. The fresh flowers placed in the center of the table gives the space a lively feeling. The flowers make the room smells as sweet as perfume. Surrounded by
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The Kitchen! The most disgusting place of the house. This is where all the left overs are put for the insects to feed on. The hot and smelly room is as dirty as a dumpster. The ugliness of the space keep every household member miles away from it. The ugly wooden carved door squeak as they are opened. The struggle to hide the untidy spices and packets of ingredients stored inside them. The floor is covered with food stain making the space smell as bad as rotten eggs. The kitchen resonates with chaos. Yellow ceiling lights flash through the slowly swaying fan. The fan pushes the thick pungent smell throughout the house spreading the disgust of the kitchen everywhere. The table pushed to the corner with barely any room to sit down and enjoy the food. The dead flowers placed in the center of the table gives the space a gloomy feeling. The hard metal chairs placed around the table are rusted and broken from various places making it seem like it’s been neglected as an abandon house. The sink is covered with the stinking leftover of the last dinner. The broken window above the sink is covered with dirt making the space feel
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