My Favorite Red Wings Moment

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One of the greatest things about being a fan is being able to witness those amazing moments that will always stay with you. Whether you saw it on TV or witnessed it live in person, you always cherish them as a reminder to why you’re a fan. For this article our writers share their favorite Red Wings moment that they’ve ever witnessed. Some of their stories will bring back memories and have you re-visit where you were when they happened. Feel free to even share your moments as a Red Wings or Hockey fan. Kayla: The best Detroit Red Wings moment I 've ever seen live is definitely from the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs. My Sister Wendy got herself my mom and I tickets through her work at St John 's Hospital in Detroit (which also included a special gift which is the Zetterberg flag I still have up in my room). It was my very first NHL game I 've ever been too. Game 2 Round 2 against Detroit 's old rival the Colorado Avalanche. There was many Octopi thrown onto the ice prior to the game even starting and the atmosphere was electrifying. Our seats were upper level but perfectly positioned behind the goalie 's net. Chris Osgood was our goalie and Jose Theodore was Colorado 's goalie. Poor Theodore. It…show more content…
Matt: There are so many moments and memories from attending Red Wings games out west. While I’ve never been to Joe Louis Arena, I have had my share of memorable moments. If I HAD to pick one, it has to be Stadium Series from February. From the time they announced this game, I made it a point to make sure I get to Colorado for this game. The day I got to Denver I saw many Red Wings fans walking around the city mixed in this Avalanche fans obviously. The Alumni game was a real blast from the past as it featured players who made the sports hottest rivalry from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. While the Wings alumni team had issues getting a puck past Patrick Roy it was still fun to see the alumni game up close and personal as well as ending the night
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