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Of all of the season and all they have to offer, my favorite time of year to hands down is fall.

With the beach being a limited option and snow inbound in just a few short months, no with the perfect time for tons of outdoor actives, seasonal items and of course, Halloween.

For starters, I really enjoy the cool weather fall brings. My favorite part is being back in jeans, boots and a hoody. Light jackets and beanie caps are a close second, nothing too warm as this is this time to be holding loved ones’ close. Hayrides are always a good option around this time of year. Being bogged down from the stresses of day to day life can be exhausting, enjoying fresh are and peace that only nature can provide usually is enough to completely calm me. Typically, following most hayrides you’ll find yourself at a pumpkin patch where the biggest one there could be yours, for a price of course. My kids go crazy contemplating how to get them to the car, while imaginations run wild with what its face will look like. Carving them is an adventure in its self, but that gets you one step closer to tasty baked pumpkin seeds. There are various different treats around this time, but a personal favorite is none other than s’mores. After running being out and about, a perfect way to end a day is by a fire with family and friends, sharing
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Horseback riding, hay rides and bon fires are just a few out-door family activates to patriciate in. During this time nature completely transforms its self, exposing the beauty of death and the promise of life in spring. The seasonal smells, tastes and sights are unlike any other season. The shades of colors seem to emit a sense of peace, mix that with a pumpkin spice coffee or apple spice tea and that equals pure bliss. Work and stress come and go, don’t miss all autumn has to offer. That is why I fall for fall, I enjoy the Christmas spirit, but cannot wait until next

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