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As I always listen to variety of music all over the world, so I have many favorite songs that always dancing in my mind. However I will include these five special, meaningful songs in my mix tape. The first one is Hey Soul Sister by Train. Actually the lyrics of this song does not have special meaning for me but the song itself reminds me 6 years of being a student who stayed in boarding school with a lot of amazing friends. My friends and I loved to sing this song whenever we felt stress or lazy to study as it is very catchy and have beautiful, harmony melody. Sometimes, we sang these song for many times as loud as we can until our voice became husky. Whenever, I remind all what we had done or listening to Hey Soul Sister again, I will smile and laugh to myself as it reminds me to my teens life. Next, after coming to japan for pursuing my degree, I noticed that loved my national anthem very much. Honestly, I did not realize it at all. However, someday when I heard my national anthem that called as Negaraku in the internet, I stand up and sang that song with full of patriotic spirit. I think I act like that because I missed my hometown and family members very much. Even though it sounds very funny but until now I always take some time to sing the national anthem by myself. So that is the reason why I include that song in my mix tape. I also will include a song that called Orange by Seven because this Japanese song reminds me of my previous Japanese school in

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