The Walking Dead Character Analysis

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Character is what makes us who we are; it is what makes us different from one another. How we live, learn, act, and perceive, all play a role in who we were destined to become the people that we are today. A character I would like to speak about is from my favorite TV show on AMC: Maggie Rhee from “The Walking Dead.” This show is about more than merely “killing zombies.” It is about character development. It is about how each and individual character has come as far as they have; and everyone has a story. The introduction of Maggie’s character is during season 2 when Rick’s group runs into trouble in the woods, and they appear at her family’s farm. During this time, she is assisting her father in keeping Rick’s son alive. Throughout the aftermath while Carl (Rick’s son) is healing, we get to know a little more about the Greene family: they do not have experience in killing zombies. During a run, she and Glenn went to a pharmacy to retrieve medicine and other objects needed for the other survivors. She is nearly attacked, but Glenn saves her life. Soon after, she and Glenn begin to secretly hook up. One night Glenn waited for Maggie in her family’s barn, and he soon finds out that the Greene family has been keeping zombies in the barn. He eventually gets…show more content…
A place where they don’t have to worry about death. Maggie’s character eventually becomes pregnant, all while trouble begins brewing within another community. Her group is eventually taken to another community named Hilltop, where they make an agreement to dispose of another group in return for food. Thinking they killed every member of “the saviors,” her group was completely wrong. On day when Maggie begins having problems with the baby and becomes sick, Rick and his group make their way towards Hilltop, but face many obstacles along the way. They are redirected to The Saviors leader, and are completely
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