My Favorite Teacher Essay

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Favorite teacher? Why?
Mr. Holthaus was definitely my favorite. I loved how he ran his class and made it fun. He was one of those teachers that just really loved what he was teaching and knew a ton about the content. He didn’t just read straight from a powerpoint or overhead. He could really go into detail about things that happened in history and could point out funny little things that were interesting and would keep your attention. I also loved that he would give me a hard time and he and I would go back and forth about KU vs. K-State and other things too heckle each other.
Did you play sports? Which Ones?
Yes, I competed in cross country, basketball, track, and baseball. What was the most memorable moment in sports?
This is a tough one
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My freshman and sophomore year I was very shy and was one of those guys that sat on the tables along the edge of the dance floor. Then as I got older I actually started dancing and just had fun with it. Everyone made fun of my amazing moves, but I loved it!
Overall most memorable moment?
Throwing tomatoes at the senior bandits when they all tried to raid our house. My brothers and I gathered up a bunch of unripe tomatoes that afternoon and then waited until we saw the cars heading to our house and we hopped on the roof waiting to attack. Then when they were within striking distance we started to try to hit them until our mom ruined it by coming out and yelling at us! Then one of my friends hit her with a roll of toilet paper over the roof. We had a real good laugh and apparently we started a tradition of trying to raid the bandits!
Did you like high school? Do you miss it?
I am probably one of the few that really loved high school and I do actually miss it. I think a lot of it might be because I am so much more of an adult now that I am in college and I have a lot more responsibilities. I took for granted how lucky I was to have such great friends and family to hang out with everyday. The biggest thing I miss was the extracurriculars. I am competing still in college but it’s just not the same. High school was more laid back and I had a lot of fun with the people on my
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