My Favorite Teacher

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I was homeschooled from 5th grade to 12th, so my mother’s approach to learning remained the same through my school years. I do remember my 4th grade teacher being very encouraging when it came to accomplishing goals in the classroom. If the whole class did well on a math test he would add marbles to a jar. Once that jar filled up the class would get a pizza party. That motivated a lot of us and we ended up having 3 pizza parties that year. We would also have the option to stay in the classroom during recess and play video games if we received all A’s on our report cards. He will always be one of my favorite teachers.

Personal Response to “School? A Student in a Community College Basic Skills Program I think the most important reason to go to school is to have the back ground needed to receive a job that can help you build a financially secure future. Most well-paying jobs will look at your educational background so it is important to go to school. I think that the reason for being does change throughout your school years. In elementary school your parents make you go, but you are also having fun. During the middle school years it gets a little harder, but hanging out with friends makes it worth it. When you reach your high school years it becomes more important because you have to start making decisions about your future. That is the time when you decide what college you want to go to and what career you are interested in. Once you are in college, everything
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