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I was homeschooled from 5th grade to 12th, so my mother’s approach to learning remained the same through my school years. I do remember my 4th grade teacher being very encouraging when it came to accomplishing goals in the classroom. If the whole class did well on a math test he would add marbles to a jar. Once that jar filled up the class would get a pizza party. That motivated a lot of us and we ended up having 3 pizza parties that year. We would also have the option to stay in the classroom during recess and play video games if we received all A’s on our report cards. He will always be one of my favorite teachers.

Personal Response to “School? A Student in a Community College Basic Skills Program I think the most important reason to go to school is to have the back
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The woman’s facial expression looks upset or disgusted. The way she is holding the book close to her face makes it seem like she is trying to get closer in hopes of being able to read it. Similar to when you get closer to something you cannot see because your glasses are off. The position of her arms and hands suggest that she is worn out. It seems like she is leaning on the stacks of book because she has been trying to see if she can read any of them.
3. I think this is an extremely effective image as a comment on book censorship. It is basically what is occurring when a book or parts of a book are censored to the public. If the image was only a close-up of the woman’s face and the book I would think that someone is trying to prevent her from reading that particular book and I would wonder why. I think that the changed image would make it seem like only one book is off-limits.
4. I think the image could also be interpreted as someone who has been reading for too long so they are no longer comprehending what they are reading. Reading is basically pointless at that point so the blindfold could represent the fact that the woman is still trying to read, but is not successfully
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