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Jessie is my best buddy. We live together as my parents adopted her few years ago. She is adorable with her large brown eyes and nice golden hair. We spend most of our time together and it is tremendously fun. We make masquerades and crowns for our parties, celebrate our birthdays and sleep with each other every night. When I have hard times at school, I’ll share with her and she’ll doubtlessly give me warm cuddles to calm me down. She’s really loyal and trustworthy that she’ll never tell my secrets to others. Yes, she’s a stuffed fluffy teddy bear.

Teddy bear is a symbol of love and courage, and that explains why it has been children’s all-time favorite companion over the century. What makes teddy bears even more irresistible
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The name Teddy Bear originates from the former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. In 1902, he was invited to a hunting trip, while other hunters were competing, they convinced Roosevelt to shoot the American black bear down. However, he refused to fire at it, deeming this unsportsmanlike. This became the headline of The Washington Post and a political cartoon by Clifford Berryman. So who actually invented such cuddly teddy bear? There was an American businessman, Morris Michtom, who made stuffed animals with his wife Rose at night. He and his wife were inspired by the cartoon after the publication and created a Teddy Bear.

Teddy Bear Therapy You may find it ridiculous that teddy bears can be a meditation for our soul. Believe it or not, teddy bear therapy does exist. The therapy involves several steps. First, search for a teddy bear that you feel comfortable with. It can be in any color you like; it can be fluffy, as long as it’s good to hold. You may wonder which teddy bear you should choose as your companion, so here is some suggested well-known teddy bears you may find in stores.

Forever Friends
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You can hold it tight and tell your teddy bear your feelings, no matter you’re unhappy or not. You can say it loud, using the phrase “I feel…” You can also let him to hug you when sleeping. When you cuddle up with your bear, close your eyes and imagine that you are traveling inside your body and try to feel where you are feeling discomfort. They’ll give you warmth and you’ll feel safe and peaceful.

Teddy bears have protected us for over 100 years and they didn’t give up on devoting themselves to us. They have given us the sense of security and warmth. Therefore, we can’t deny that with their courage and love, they achieve greatness that not all of us are able to. It’s time for us to express our greatness gratitude to all fearless heroic knights- Teddy Bears.

“My Teddy Bear Protector, for as long as I can remember you have been my protector at night

Yes Sir, you protect me from the boogie man who lives under my bed, he comes when it’s dark

Seriously Teddy bear, if it weren’t for you all these years I dunno what I would have done

Teddy bear; I extend a hand of gratitude and thank you whole heartedly for things you did for

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