My Favorite Tuesdays

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Thursday was a particularly special day in our household growing up. My sisters and I couldn’t wait for Thursday all week long because we all liked Thursday night for one specific reason. We’d go to school on Thursday just hoping it will fly by so we could get home quicker. Although it never happened; Thursday’s always felt like the longest day, especially if I had soccer, basketball, or softball practice. Everything always felt like it moved slower as the day went on. Classes felt as if they were hours long rather than a simple forty-three minutes. But once we finally got home, all three of us would sit on the couch doing homework and watching television, just waiting. We’d peek out the window every so often; however, once it hit six o’clock. we’d simply take turns staring out the window simply waiting, but with even more anticipation because we knew it would be any minute or any second our dad would pull into the driveway. Although dad came home every night around the same time. Thursdays were particularly different from any other night of the week because mom wasn’t home. She had meetings every Thursday due to the fact she would teach her Weight Watchers group. Leaving dad in charge of us and especially in charge of supper. The best supper we’d get all week is when he would bring home Taco Bell. Always Taco Bell. He would bring the exact same thing home every Thursday night, 10 soft tacos and a nachos bellgrande to share. He could never go wrong with it because we all

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