Personal Narrative: My Special Day

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Thursday was a particularly special day in our household growing up. My sisters and I couldn’t wait for Thursday all week long because we all liked Thursday night for one specific reason.
We’d go to school on Thursday just hoping it will fly by so we could get home quicker. Although it never happened; Thursday’s always felt like the longest day, especially if I had soccer, basketball, or softball practice. Everything always felt like it moved slower as the day went on. Classes felt as if they were hours long rather than a simple forty-three minutes. But once we finally got home, all three of us would sit on the couch doing homework and watching television, just waiting. We’d peek out the window every so often; however, once it hit six o’clock.
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Although, he was home every night. Thursdays were our special night where we would actually be able to have a conversation with him. We’d talk about how classes and practices were going. Along with going over the schedule for the following week; therefore, we knew which parent was going to who’s sporting activity on which day, which is the best part considering my dad majority of the time chose to come to mine over my sisters. I believe this was mainly due to I played soccer, basketball, and softball, as where my sisters did competition dance and cheerleading. However, I was still always super excited to hear he was coming to my games rather than taking my sisters to practice or competitions. Sports is something me and my dad had in common and we bonded…show more content…
I worked almost every night so I couldn’t be home for taco night. So instead of changing taco night to fit in with my schedule every week; they continued to have taco night without me because I wanted them to. Therefore, instead I would go out on Thursdays with one of my friend’s that I worked with. We’d go to Taco Bell, where all our other friends worked. They expected us and would order my food for me, when they saw us walk in. Though want I got normally didn’t change, sometimes my friends would change it for me because they knew there was something new on the menu I would like and although it may not be the same as sitting down with my sisters and dad; my friends were my second family. So to me, I was sharing my little family tradition with them without them even realizing. We always had a lot of fun with my friends goofing off whether they were working or not because I’d always go after dinner rush and they always looked forward to
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