My Favorite Vacation Essay

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I am going to be taking you to my favorite vacation spot which happens to be 4,403 miles away from where we live. The only way to get to there is by plane, which is the worst part about going to this destination. The plane ride is around 10 hours from Detroit Metropolitan Airport. This state is made up of eight different islands which are surrounded by the North Pacific Ocean. The place I will be talking about is Hawaii. Hawaii will always have a special place in my heart not only because of the outstanding views, but because it meant something to my grandma. My grandma died September 11, 2016, her wish was that my grandpa would take my mom, brother, and I to Hawaii with him. Her wish came true this summer. My grandparents traveled to Hawaii almost every year, we heard many stories and saw a lot of pictures, but nothing compared to seeing it with your own eyes. The first place I will be taking you to is Oahu more specifically Waikiki Beach. Waikiki Beach is the most popular beach in Honolulu. High-rise hotels line the beach, it reminds me of apartments in a big city. The atmosphere of Waikiki Beach reminds me of New York City because there is always something to do, whether it be shopping, eating, or watching live entertainment. Stores were everywhere, you could find anything you would possibly need in the two miles that made up Waikiki Beach. While that may sound nice to any Shopaholic, my favorite thing to do was going to the ocean. There is nothing more beautiful than

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