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Diwali: The Festival Of Lights

Diwali, one of my favorite festivals is also known as Deepawali or festivals of lights. And for the fact, it is the widely celebrated festival in India for which everybody waits prepared with their crackers and trendy lights.
The festival is celebrated by Hindus every year in the season of autumn, marking the starting of winters. It is a major festival in India and celebrated worldwide with an official holiday in every country where this festival is celebrated.
But, this does not show much of the significance of festival, and its actual significance is shown by the mythological tales marking the victory and win of good over evil, knowledge over crime and unity over division.
As per the other tales mentioned in the holy books of Hindus, this festival marks the return of Lord Rama at the capital of Ayodhya after 14 years of Vanvaas in the jungle with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman.
Rituals and Culture
This festival is actually of 5 days, but the main day the main celebration is done when it is the darkest night or New Moon night in the month of Karthik. There are many other rituals followed by the celebrations of Diwali and some pre-celebrations too. Before this five days mega event, people clean their houses and renovate them in order to renovate it later.
On the main
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He used to kidnap the beautiful young woman and forced them to live with him. He had captured the whole Earth, everywhere there was only sadness, and cries for the rescue and finally Lord Vishnu had to descend on Earth in his eight incarnations of Lord Krishna. Before fighting Narkasur, the main demon, Lord Vishnu had to fight a five-headed monster after that he fought Narkasur and won over him. As his last wish, Narkasur asked Lord Vishnu that grants him that his death brings joys to all the persons. Lord Vishnu granted his last wish and freed all the women, thus making everyone

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