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What is your favorite movie you watch over and over? Film is by far the greatest form of entertainment that can be very educational or just fun to watch. There are many different forms of film, from comedy to horror to romance all the way to action. With how convenient it is watching a movie, you can see and hear rhetoric all around you in the film industry. Whether you take a trip to the movie theater with your friends and family, or just sitting living room before you go to bed. The best thing about movies is you can live or ride throughout someone else's story. With all different ranges of feeling. Like happy, sad, scared, or excited to see what happens next. With that being said, my favorite movie of all time is Pacific Rim. I'm going to explain why Pacific Rim is…show more content…
But here is some of the most important roles and people that took place to create this movie. To start the movie could have not been created without the writers and they were Travis Beacham, Guillermo del Toro. It hard to believe that two people wrote this powerful movie with all these details. But Guillermo did not only just write the movie he was also the director of the whole movie too. But the movie would have been great as it was without great actors. Here are some of the main actors in Pacific Rim that probably played in another movie you might like, for example Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Burn Gorman and my personal favor actor Charlie Day. But there is way more people who were involved in the creation of the movie, for example the people who created the music and edited the film. Some other jobs are costume design, makeup department, art department, sound department, special effects, stunts, animation department and much more. It's amazing that thousand of people came together all in one to finish this movie with everyone having a special part within the end result

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