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One of the most talented and the most popular singers of the modern time is considered to be Adele. For me, she is not only a popular singer but an icon and the great performer of moving and even heartbreaking songs. After I have accidentally heard her song on the radio for the first time, there was no one better for me in terms of singing. In her songs, I felt everything, including pain and joy, drive and hope. However, the most important characteristic of her songs is the soul that is felt in every particular case. The three of my favorite songs are “Rolling in the deep”, “Hello”, and “Skyfall”. Adele’s impressive voice, her skill of using it, and her determination to sing with all heart have definitely brought her numerous fans.
The three songs will inevitably and equally stay the best examples of singing performance to me. However, all of the three would cause different associations and contribute to the development of different moods. The
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Its fine melody creates a special mood which for me does not fit with the content of the song. Nevertheless, this is also a heartbreaking song about a failed love. However, this time, the author is a victim rather than the negative character. Luckily for me, I cannot associate my feelings with the ones expressed in the song. However, the song appeals to me mostly due to its vision of how everything could be since she sings “we could have had it all/ rolling in the deep” (“Rolling”). For me, it is somehow the idealistic and romantic perception of deep love in the idea of which I believe. I would like to know that I will be with a person who would be all to me, on whom I will be able to count, and who would not break my heart. Even though the song depicts everything in the other light, I was impressed with the depth the love pictured in the song and the image of purity that somehow appears in my consciousness when I hear the

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