My Favourite Teacher In School

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My Favourite teacher in school
School is our next home in receiving endless and valuable knowledge that you can ever get. Back in school, we are not only taught on the academic basis but also to reveal about our self-perseverance in achieving your ambition. Before I graduated from high school, there is one individual who influenced me in school, which is my own teacher Mrs Syerly. She is also one my favourite teacher in school.
She influences me in a positive way to become an English educator one day. She is not only my favourite teacher but also my motivator. There are many reasons why she was well-liked by me. First, she is kind, thoughtful and generous. She continuously listens to what were our expectations as a student. At the end of each lesson, she always took the time to listen to our ideas, thoughts and suggestions.
To me, she is a very special teacher. She is beautiful, funny and hardworking. At five feet inches tall, she is very tall and beautiful for a Kadazan lady. She has bushy eyebrows, twinkling brown eyes, a straight nose and rosy cheeks. Although he is already 35 years of age, she still looks like she is in her early 20s. In fact, she is the epitome of what a lady should be; graceful and yet intelligent. She takes a lot of care on her appearance. She is often spotted with matching shoes and handbags when she go to school. I like to look at her long shiny hair. In fact, I wish I have her hair.
Mrs Syerly loves to dance. She has taken part in many dance

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