Emilie: A Short Story

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Grief stains me and there is nothing left. The extraordinary life Emilie lived came to an abrupt end with her blood staining the snowy road of the car crash. There was always just me and Emilie. Mason and Emilie, Emilie and Mason. With her, it didn’t matter what people said about us for strength allowed us to overcome the bullying. But without her, I can’t hold myself up because all of their nasty remarks are put upon myself alone. Their words become their weapons. I am drowning in a sea of my own blood, and I cannot find the surface. Emilie was my lifesaver that has now sunk to the bottom. Like there’s is no saving me, there is no coming up for fresh air.

Losing myself was my biggest fear in life. So, here I am, lost, with nothing left to
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The sun is setting and my thoughts are loud in my head. My heart rattles against the sides of my rib cage and my breath skips and falls. All I can think about is every mistake I’ve ever made. I regret believing everything everyone ever mentioned to me and never believing in myself. I let others people’s opinions of me become the only opinions that existed and I let grief consume me and I never let the sun rise after Emilie’s death. There were no words, no voices, only the weeping of a girl who has lost the only certainty she ever had. I cry because I regret everything, and the world is just so beautiful, I just didn’t realize that’s there is beauty behind the…show more content…
Once I pack up the camp, I set out on the road- just me and my truck. I start onto the main road through glacier national park, Going to the Sun Road. Emilie loved to tell me about her adventures in the mountains. She said the road through the middle hits every landscape and landmark and it has the power to set free. Upon entering the park, I noticed a sign that says that this road comes with a warning: Warning this road will enable you to dive into nature and adventure. I don’t take this warning lightly. I hope that the warning is right because I am due for some fresh air. Still, I don’t know where I am going, I just follow the road as it winds through mountains and brushes the water’s edge. There are trees the size of giants and waterfalls spewing everywhere. The road follows a cliff above endless green valleys. Winter’s snow brushes the peaks, but life comes back to the mountainside. There has never been anything more beautiful than this moment. I turn on my favorite Taylor swift tune and crank the volume. As I drive through the park, I sing along to the soundtrack of my journey. My screaming voice echoes off of the mountains. There are viewpoints and lakes, but no wildlife. Most likely they’ve become scared off my singing and impulsive pop music. I don’t care though because I am screaming and for the first time in forever, I am
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