My Fear Of Writing In English Class

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Writing is one of my many concerning in my PhD program. Every time when it comes to writing I feel nervous and stressed. I actually I used to love writing in my first language and I was good at it. Nevertheless, writing in English is another experience and quite difficult. To be honest I tried to avoid the class at first time, even though we have to do writing in other classes. I felt I am not ready for writing class. However, I decided to enroll to this class because it will be very helpful to improve my writing, and the readings will be good references when I start writing my dissertation in the end of this program. It was good choice and I am glad I registered for this class. The readings are very useful and filled with information that help you overcome your fear of writing. In addition, the readings the assignments, peer reviews and class discussions are very beneficial.…show more content…
I found Becker book “Writing for Social Scientists” very interesting to read, he actually described my fear of writing and why we avoid writing especially if we being asked to exchange our writing with our classmates. I remember in my first semester I was uncomfortable to expose my writing to my classmates. Becker mentioned the fear we suffer it caused when we try organize our thoughts during writing session. Organized my thought is one of my concern. Sometimes I start writing without following outline or organizing my thoughts. When I go back and read it I realize it is so messy and
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