My First Corn Maze-Personal Narrative

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When I was a little boy, me and my friend were riding with my friends mom to a corn Maze. I was very excited to go to my first corn maze, and my friend was excited to wander around the maze and jot down thoughts about their surroundings. My friend had always been the smarter, and more adventurous individual, compared to me. As the car gentled to a creaking stop, me and my friend looked out the foggy stained grey window, to see a creepy black and white shack sitting in what seemed the middle of nowhere, next to the pale maze. Me and my friend slowly adapted to our surroundings, and gathered the courage to see if there was anybody at the old mossy covered shack. There was a gleaming golden bell at what looked like the front desk, I could see…show more content…
‘’Mom!!’’ my friend cried, ‘’ where were you?!’’ ‘’I was looking for you in the maze.’’ The mom said. ‘’Now let’s go home,’’ ‘’this place is starting to give me the creeps.’’ The mom said. That night I returned to my house, exhausted from my journey, only to receive a text message on my phone. It was 9:00 at night, and my eyes had bags under their baggs. As I read the text, It was from my mom, asking me if I wanted to have a sleepover with my friend. I could hardly contain my excitement, I ran downstairs without answering her text, and shouted as loud as my lungs could muster, ‘’YES!!!’’ I arrived at my friends house exactly on time, and blasted through the door, up the stairs, and into his room for the…show more content…
My friends mother had already prepared some steaming pancakes. After eating our quick brunch, me and my friend raced to my friends car, to travel to the maze. On one hand you could say I was excited, but on the other, I was a little terrified, according to my previous encounter with a maze. As we were drifting on road to the maze, my friend started to cause problems. ‘’I hope this maze is better than the last one.’’ He teased, ‘’The last one was creepy because of the man, and how we got lost. As he continued to talk, I continued to worry about it, and then, before I could stop myself I said, ‘’Can we turn around?!’’ Both passengers turned around, surprised by my abruptness. ‘’Sorry, I said, ‘’Last maze has changed my perspective on mazes.’’ ‘’WHAT?!?!’’ cried my friend, ‘’We were so excited about this!’’ ‘’I know I said, ‘’but you’ve changed my mind.’’ ‘’Look,’’ the mom said, we are turning around, because your friend does not agree with you.’’ ‘’Lame.’’ my friend grumbled. But I knew, even though he would be furious at me, I had made the right decision. After successfully making it to my house again, I sat down and though awile of everything that happened. As concerned as I was with whole situation, I concluded my thoughts, that mazes were without a shadow of a doubt, not my

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