My First Day At School

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I knew this day will not be good as my exasperating yet familiar rings from my alarm clock were enough to bring me to my senses. Also, I had the best-slash-worst dream as I was sitting under a mango tree, watching the candy colored skies, hearing the chirping of birds then all of a sudden, without any reason how it happened, the idea of the first day of school came up to my mind. I half-opened my eyes and saw mom fixing my uniform. We can wear casual clothes but for the first day of school, we are highly encouraged to wear our uniforms. I knew I had to wake up right away because I do not want to ruin this morning again by hearing mom’s scream. I am not yet ready, I never will be. As the rays of the brilliant orange sun started to strike our windows up to my face, I automatically grabbed the sandwich that mom prepared for my snack. I kissed and waved goodbye to mom. “Take care, Chloe! Do your best. “ “Yes, mom.” I answered. It was hard leaving Mom after the 2 month summer break I spent with her. I will surely miss every morning, afternoon and late night battles but in a sweet way that we had. An old and rusty jeepney is coming. I became hesitant, my uniform might get dirty. In 20 minutes I should be at school so I will not be late. If I will be waiting for the next jeepney, it would take around 10 to 15 minutes. I was left with no choice. I guess I should ride and just observe or look for the right place and position inside the vehicle. I entered, good thing it was clean.

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