Honor Band Speech

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When I was eleven years old I received some of the most exciting news. I was named one of the drummers that made it in the 5th grade honor band. When I walked into the Lincoln band room, Mrs.Bell our old, short brown-haired teacher came up to me and said, “Congratulations! You are one the drummers that made it into the Iowa Honor Band!” My face got all red and I didn’t know what to say. All through out band it was the only thing I could think about. I was so excited to go home and tell my parents the good news! One of the most scariest moments I had to do was change from going to the elementary school to going to the intermediate school. I didn’t know what to expect. I couldn’t stop thinking about what happens if I would have gotten lost…show more content…
As I was getting ready for the first day I made sure I was wearing my best clothes. I picked out my brand new buckle miss me jeans and my new orange and pink shirt to go along with it. I walked down our hallway to my bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush out of the mirror cabinet. Once I was finished brushing my teeth I grabbed my purple nike backpack, told my parents goodbye, and walked down our street to the bus stop. When I got there I was eagerly waiting for the bus to come. I looked down the road and could see the yellow bus coming my way. The doors opened and I heard “Good Morning!” from our bus driver. I smiled at the bus driver who was a very nice young lady and then walked to the back and took a seat next to my friend Brooke. The bus driver made me a little more relaxed and not so nervous. Also, I was so glad that Brooke was on the same bus as me so that I had a friend to talk to and go into school with that day. We got to the school and the bus doors opened and the butterflies came back to my stomach. I walked into the school and went into the big, brand new gym, and sat up against the red bleachers. I found some of my other friends and started talking to them as well. Once the bell rang we all hustled to our new classes, because we didn’t want to be late. I had Ms. Yarrow, Mr.Lee, and Mrs.Shizzle. The first day went by great and I had amazing teachers with a lot of my friends in my classes. When I got home that day I ran off the bus all the way down to our house and was so excited to tell my parents about my day. “I had the best day ever. We got to do a lot of cool things and I met a lot of new people!” I said to them. My mom said, “ I told you, you would have a fun first day of fifth grade. I’m glad that you had
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