My First Day In An American High School

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I was almost there. I had been nervously anticipating this day or a couple months now, but the time had finally come. As I sat on the plane, my thoughts wandered to what my new life would be like. My parents had sent me to the United States to attend an American high school. I was grateful for receiving this opportunity, but also fearful of what if might hold because I wasn’t great at English and the words I did know were clouded in my thick German accent. I know I would miss my old friends from Berlin, and I worried about how I would make new friends in Dexter, the small town I would be living in for the next four years as I attended Dexter High School. Once my plane had landed and I had gotten out of the airport, I spotted my aunt and uncle waiting for me outside with a big sign. My name, Jacob, had been written in big black marker. It was great to see them since the last time we had met was a long time ago. We drove all the way to Dexter as they proceeded to ask me the usual questions: how my flight went, if I had met any new friends, and so on. All I wanted was to get home to study my flashcards that I had been using on the plane. This next week was leading up to one of the pivotal moments in my life, because I would go to my first day at my new high school. I wasn’t sure what to expect. As my alarm sounded the next day, I felt a sense of dread running through my body. I got dressed and ate breakfast as my aunt and uncle woke up to take me to school. I grabbed all my
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