Personal Narrative: My As A Popular Girl

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I was sitting in a car with my long, dark brown hair and glasses that always feel down was next to this pretty girl that had brown hair. I was in the car looking awkwardly at this girl with long brown hair. I didn’t know her. We were both star-students that week so we got to pick a restaurant and go there for lunch that day. We had little to no conversation that was happening. She looks like that she was very uncomfortable too. We were talking about my grandma because she was turning 100 soon but other than that we just sat there eating our food. I could tell that my teacher was trying to get a conversation started but I never worked. The whole time in the car I was just thinking when will this be over with. My first-grade self-thought of her as a “ popular girl” that I didn’t really want to know or who would want to talk to me. We ate on the way back to school and went back to our classroom and we didn’t really talk again. I thought we would never see each other again or talk to each other again until we graduated. I was wrong.I didn’t know it yet but that girl and I became best friends in 7th grade and ever since she is the best person I know. Second Grade It was the beginning of the…show more content…
Sally and I did it together and created a business called KK sports. It was like MC sports but instead, it was our initials. We thought it was the most creative thing anyone came up with. We drew a building that was 3 stories high and outside of the building it would be a court or field for every sport so they could try it out. My drawing skills are not good so it looked like a small building with stick people outside doing weird things to each other. We drew the log of KK sports and we argued the whole time what initial would come first and just drew bubble letters and our favorite color we filled it in. In the end, we thought it was the best thing ever and we were actually going to build

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