My First Day In High School

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September 9, 2013 i started my first day at Overbrook High School. Overbrook was never my first choice of high school to attend out Of middle school but my sister was going to elementary school right down the street and due to the violence in that neighborhood my mom and I wanted to keep her safe and know let her know she was safe at all times. My first day made itt seem as if it was an great school I met the superintendent the mayor and a state representative all on my first day. I didn’t have no classes that day so I couldn’t really tell how good the school was good at educating their students. The second week of school I was set had all my supplies and was ready to go I had Physical Science first period, Algebra second period, Math Enrichment third period, World History fourth period, English fifth period, Physical Education sixth period and English Enrichment the next semester. My first semester was ok my teachers were in school everyday I was learning but then the next semester my teacher for both my math classes left for the rest of the school year to visit her mom who was dying in India my other teachers would missed days too but none missed as much as her. So when she left the school hired a substitute teacher who was only in the class for attendance so my grades were terrible and just accepted because I felt it was nothing I could have done to change the grades my grades in other classes suffered from bad attendance of the teachers too but non as bad as her class.
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