My First Day In My Life

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The excitement was all over me during the past summer vacation. I was exhilarated when I realized that I will be entering a new milestone in my life. Studying in one of the most prominent universities in our country had always been my dream. Thus, my decision to study in Mapua University gave me and also my family such delight. Despite being optimistic before, just like any other student, I was also extremely worried about what will happen during my first day in my new school. It was just like yesterday when I felt this, and now, this school year will be concluded after more than two months. So far, I consider my stay in Mapua as one of the notable and significant experience in my life. As expected, I encountered many changes as days went by. However, these changes, regardless if they are positive or negative, gave me the opportunity to develop new values within me. A week before the start of classes, I had inexplicable emotions. I felt anxious, excited, and challenged. First, I was anxious since everything was new to me. I was in an unfamiliar environment with a new set of people to interact with. What made me more anxious about the first day of the school year is introducing myself. It takes time for me before I get comfortable in talking before a bunch of people. However, as days passed, this just felt normal for me. Second, despite being anxious, I also felt excited for the new start of classes. I have always seen first days of school as a new beginning and opportunity.
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