My First Day In School

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It is the first day of fifth grade for Damian. Damian has been ready for at least four weeks to go to school and he has been telling his parents that how much excited he is to go. He is ready to go meet new people and new friends because of his old school,he did not have a lot of friends. The first day of school was pretty easy for him. While hes was walking around the school to find his next class and he bumped into Noah and Josh outside of the classroom that he was going to. Noah and Josh asked Damian,”Hey, do you want to be friends?” Damian said,”Ya sure I would like to be friends with you guys. You guys can be my best friends forever.” After that,they started to hang out all the time. A couple of days later it was Noah’s Birthday so Damian and Josh got him some presents and they got invited to Noah’s Birthday. At his BirthDay he decided to go to a place where they do laser tag and bowling. At the party Noah’s friends saw his parents and his family members,so Noah greeted them and told them who they are. While we were hanging out one of the staff members told us were to go for the laser tag. Later on when they told us were to sit down we were waiting with twenty other people for the instructor to tell us what the rules are. After they told us the rules we went in this room to get our vests and our laser guns to start the game, then this staff member yelled out,”Once you guys are all quiet we will let you guys go inside the room” After when it was all quiet she let

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