My First Day Of School Essay

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Jonghyun’s POV This is my first day of school in like ten years and I honestly felt depressed about having to spend eight long hours in school just to pass that one final exam and getting a certificate as evidence that I’ve learnt Accounting. Hopefully my first day of school would not be very tough and I can adapt to this new change quickly. After wandering around in the classroom, I decided to find a seat for today’s lecture. So I guess being the first to arrive has it’s own advantages after all. Now, where should I sit…, I wondered. After much consideration, I decided to choose the center seat at the back of the class. Why? Simple. Cause there’s a fan right under that spot (lol) and hopefully the Professor would not catch me dozing off during his long lecture. A few minutes later, people starts to enter the class and I guess they are my G107 classmates. My gaze unknowingly looked at every one of them when they walked in but they simply ignore me. Hmph! As if I would like to stare at you. I’m just pitying the shit out of you. Most of them were either coming to class together as a couple or with a group of friends. But there were still a few walking in individually. All of their faces look really depressing. Is it because the lecture is hard? (Or it because of me?) Kibum’s POV Shit. Shit! HOLY SHIT! Why is he sitting at my seat? Now where should I sit today? Goddamn it! I began to glance around the class to find for other empty spots, but they are all nearly filled up.
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