My First Day Of School

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It sucks when your first day of school in the middle of march right? That was me, as I was getting dressed I thought should make a good impression in front of these people. I straightened my hair it took so long to do,but I felt like it was worth it right? after I was all ready to go my dad said to me hurry up you 're going to miss the bus, I had no idea that I had to ride the bus you would think your mom or dad would drop you off considering that it was just down the street. I said to my dad, will you drop me off only today! And he said yeah i was relieved that he he did. So we got in the car and started driving down there I was shaking and had butterflies in my stomach but I had to go I guess.
Walking in there I looking at it, and it was a lot smaller than my old school, but it was nice on the inside. I feel like switching schools was one of the hardest things ever.

When I was in the 8th grade I got in a lot of trouble with some friends. So my parents thought it would be okay to switch me schools. I walked in the the office as soon as got in there there was a lady in my face saying “welcome to the mountie nation” she gave me my schedule and had a student from my first hour come show me around to my locker and as i was waiting for her to come down these people from the office we asking me a lot of questions like do you play sports,why did you switch schools?
It was all overwhelming but when i seen the girl from my class walk in the office she gave me a hug it was my
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