My First Day Of School: My First Day At School

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It’s a refreshing August morning in the quaint town of Chapala, Jal. I’m one year and 8 months old, and it’s my first day of school. My mom dresses me in my uniform; navy blue khakis and a yellow polo with the school’s emblem in the corner. Standing tall on each side of my head are two ponytails, tightly pulled back as to prevent flyaway hairs. Together, my mom and I walk to the school. She’s a teacher there so I’m not nervous about my first day. Walking into the school -which is more of a large house with a playground than anything- I’m greeted by the principal Ms. Chelita. Her friendly smile and perky attitude have me smiling in seconds. As soon as I can, I proceed to help the incoming children feel at home in school. Even though it’s the first day for all of us, to me, it feels different. School gives me an air of confidence and familiarity that I don’t feel anywhere else, a feeling that has followed me through every school I’ve been in. From this moment on, school becomes my haven, the place I turn to when I feel lost or need a reminder of how far I’ve come.
I spend the next four years making my way up through preschool. In Mexico preschool works differently, so instead of only doing one or two years of school, I end up doing four. Just as I am about to enter my final year of preschool; the year before I move on the “big kids school”, my mom and I move away from our hometown of Chapala, to a new country.
The previous summer, my mom had reunited with her high school
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