Personal Narrative: The Boulevard School

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School has always been a fun time, whether it is the friends I have made or the teachers I have been taught under. Either way, I have always loved school. And now I’ll show you why.

In Kindergarten, I went to The Boulevard School. I had a great teacher named Mrs. Goli. I first met Sophia, Ryan, Noah, Madeleine, and Ely, people who i would still know today, at Boulevard. There was also a Hula Party that I really liked, where I got to eat cotton candy. There were many fun activities throughout the year, like when the entire school got to see a fire truck, and we got to spray the hose, or another time, when the police visited, and the school got to learn all about their rules. There was a patriotic day, where we celebrated all the fallen
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Since it was my first day at a new school, I was pretty nervous, and pretty scared. But I was also pretty excited, since I knew I would meet lots of new friends. And I was right. That year, I met Quinton Riepl. I had no idea that he would become my best friend for many years to come. Unfortunately, I don’t speak with him much anymore. But for my birthday party that year, Quinton, Kaeden (his brother) and my friend Dylan, all came, which I enjoyed. In fact, That year, I went to Monster Jam, brought a big book, and asked all of the Monster Jam drivers to put their signature in the book, and most of them did! I also won the spelling bee, which was amazing. When I won it, I got my name on a plaque. The plaque hangs in the office at Calabash. It was a fun…show more content…
Gallo. My family already knew Mrs. Gallo, so that was nice. This year, we had to do Ballroom dance again, which I didn’t exactly like, but we got to make our own name tags, so that was cool. The first book we read as a class was Wonder, by R.J Palacio. It 's about a kid named Auggie with facial deformities who learns to stand up for himself with his newfound friends. It was a really cool book. It was made into a movie, but I didn’t see it. Shortly after, Desmond, Remy, and I built a rollercoaster using tape and other materials. However, it fell down overnight. Then we read our second book, Out Of My Mind, by Sharon M. Draper. Out Of My Mind is about a kid named Melody with cerebral palsy who cannot speak, but upgrades her wheelchair using a text-to-speech program so she can talk. However, she also gets on to a trivia team after passing with the highest score in her class. But she doesn 't make it, as the rest of her team left early, so they would make it. Between reading this and the third book, A Wrinkle In Time, I did some projects that I liked, like my Pixel Art, where I made a mini lightsaber. I also did a project on The Colony Of Virginia, with facts on who founded it, the geographical regions, and more. Later, Desmond, Remy, and I did another project together, where we made slides and a poster about The Stamp Act, which was one of the events leading to the American Revolution (At the time, we were studying the American
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