My First Day Of The Day Essay

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As I was waiting out the front of the school at the end of the day on my first ever day of school and I was pretty sure my mum had forgotten, everyone else was getting in their parents cars and I was just waiting all by myself. I was starting to feel a bit sick I wasn 't going to be sick but I just felt a bit off. Oh hang on a minute there was Belinda one of mums friends in the car park up the hill I thought maybe she was picking me up so I went over to her car and she told me she was here for her nephew Jamison. She said she was happy to give me a lift home though. So I got in the back seat of her new car. As we were leaving the school parking lot there was my mum in our car, Belinda didn 't see her and I was too scared to say anything so I sat in the back seat and didn 't make any sound what so ever. My house was about 1 hour from the school so it takes a while to get there but it was going to take even longer because Belinda had to go and get some things at the plaza. When we got to the big plaza, Belinda got out and left me in the car and the windows were all up and condensation was forming on them from my breathing. I was pretty sure she forgot all about me. It was starting to get hot in the car and I started feeling sick again and I couldn 't really breath properly. Luckily I was wearing my watch that aunty Kerrie got me for my birthday and that watch can tell the time and it also has a built in tracker app so that my mum can see where I am all the time which Is

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