My First Free Summer By Julia Alvarez Analysis

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Julia Alvarez conveys her writing throughout her experiences, in the Dominican Republic, as an comprehensive display of her writing. In addition, she uses her Spanish dialect to express her heritage and culture to the reader. Not only that, Julia embraces her Dominican culture through her poems and various stories she has written upon. Furthermore, she connects her many character over her and her experiences throughout her life. Alvarez uses her Spanish words, culture and connection between her stories and her experiences for her purpose of sharing and exposing real-world problems faced by immigrants.

Julia Alvarez, within her writing has been able to integrate Spanish words to express her culture and heritage to the audience. “To play on la playa and get brown as a berry… I wanted to be free “ (248, “My First Free Summer”). This quote shows how Julia wanted to be free and go to the beach. By using Spanish words in this case to give them more meaning allowing the reader to convey how Julia felt trying to be free and to go to the beach to have fun. “In the
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“I wanted to look like an American girl, to speak my English so you couldn't tell I’d from somewhere else” (2-5, “All-American Girl”). This quote shows what the main character had to do to blend into the “American” culture and their lifestyle. In this poem, Julia connects herself as the main character by explaining how she had attempted to adapt to the culture and learn English. “ I would learn my English. That was problem, English” (246, “My First Free Summer”). This quote shows what the main character had to do to adapt to her upcoming future. Julia is able to portrays herself in the story, as a young girl, in which she talks about her experiences and struggles learning English. Julia displays the rough life of immigrants that must face obstacles to succeed in

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