My First Friend

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The first time I see her, I smile. The moment she greet me with a sweet smile we became friend. I can feel that she can be my good friend. Her name is Clara. We attend same high school and were put in same class. That short introductions was very precious for both of us. As time goes by, we’ve become a very good friend. We go to library and school canteen together. Everything we do together except to toilet. We fill every day in school with full of giggles and laughter. We share our stories even secrets to each other. In other words, there is no secret between us. Anything I felt I will tell her. We acknowledge each other. If I do something wrong she will advise me and vice versa. For me, as usual when I compatible with someone, I will treat and sincerely be friends with them. Clara is couple months older than me. I respect her and so does she. I never talk behind about her. Whenever we not satisfy with each other, we will talk face to face. We try to understand and solve the problems. One day, I unsatisfied with someone in our class. I tell Clara. I trust her so that I tell her the story from A to Z without leaving anything. She’s not talking much and just quietly listens to my story. After I share the story, I feel relieved such as a missing load. Clara gives a few advices regarding to my story and I accept it with equanimity. There is a truth on what she said. Since that moment, I feel that she is real friend. So much experience and knowledge we share together since
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