My First Holy Communion

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Openness to Change

My first Holy Communion is indeed a memory was unique out of all the fun memories I had when I was still young. Personally, my first Holy Communion was different, and I felt different after experiencing this as it was my first time to ever partake upon the body and blood of Christ. Weeks or even years before my first communion, my family and I attended mass every Sunday. Our Sunday routine would be that we would go and attend the 11:00 or the 11:30 mass and have lunch out afterwards. During the various masses, as a kid, I didn’t really understand much of what the priest is talking about. Usually, I was the noisy one amongst my family, most of the time asking what is this and that. To be honest, I usually get bored out
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Right now, I am a teenager that understands more the meaning and purpose of the Eucharist, compared to 8 years ago wherein I was still half my current body height wondering what the purpose of the Eucharist truly is. At this moment, my view towards the Mass is that it is a sacrifice. Sacrifice meaning to say that we aren’t required to go at all, we can opt not to attend Mass, but if we truly believe in God, we would sacrifice and attend Mass. Also, sacrifice in a sense that we have time to spend with God. Majority of us go to Mass during Sundays, and not even everybody goes. Attending the Eucharist is a sacrifice as we should just devote an hour of our time for God while the remaining could be dealt with more personal things. And yet a lot don’t have the time to participate in the Eucharist. I personally felt guilty of this before due to the fact that I felt that going to Mass wasn’t that meaningful to me, specifically for the ones that were held in school, however I still chose to go, because it was required in a sense, despite a lot of students skipping. And this attitude of mine changed as I later realized how I can get something meaningful after hearing the priest’s homily and by partaking the Holy Communion. I didn’t tell myself that going to Mass is a requirement, however, I obliged to go to mass as I would want to change and want to learn new

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