My First Jazz Concert

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On Valentine 's Day, I decided to take my boyfriend to his very first jazz concert and my second one. We attended the Mark Christian Miller show at 1pm held at The E Spot Lounge in Studio City. When we walked into the lounge we noticed it was an intimate, hip kind of lounge. The atmosphere of the place gave us a good vibe. While we were waiting for the ensemble to come out we decided to order some food and have some brunch. After about 20 minutes of just sitting and waiting, Mark Christian Miller and his ensemble graced us with their lovely presence. The ensemble consisted of four members. There was Mark Christian Miller, he was the vocalist, John Nelson played the piano, Jennifer Leitham played the upright bass, and I am embarrassed to say this, but I wasn 't able to catch the drummers name. The moment the ensemble started playing, my boyfriend and I were instantly drawn into the music. I was surprised to find myself enjoying the music as much as I did. The group came together so perfect, it was like they were meant to be playing together. Each member had a solo and I have to say that every one of them nailed their part. The vocalist, Mark Christian Miller, had a soothing, calm, yet extremely powerful voice. I couldn 't stop myself from smiling as he was singing and engaging with the audience. Although, Mark was great, Jennifer Leitham really caught my attention every time she would play whether it be a solo or playing with the ensemble. She was incredible and wonderful on the upright bass. When she played it sounded so effortless…show more content…
Mark Christian Miller was engaging with the audience the entire time. He would make jokes and start up random and short conversations with different people in the audience. You could tell the ensemble loved playing for their audience with every song they performed. The ensemble gave the audience a warm, friendly, and easy going vibe. They made the atmosphere great which made it extremely easy to sit back and enjoy the

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