My First Job Essay

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I never imagined my first job to be the key to figure out what I wanted as a career choice, but it turned out that way. I was 18 when I first started to work at a movie theater called Frank’s Theatre, located in York, PA. It was about two to three miles from when I lived. This was a job that I never expected to get, simply because I didn’t look for it myself. I was still in high school, and my idea of a job was simply to not have one. However during my junior year I met a guy, and I quickly fell in love. After his senior year, he quickly left to join the military, as I entered my senior year. While he was away, I wanted to do more for him. Send him packages, letters, and such. Thus came the idea of getting a job. Like I said before, I didn’t seek for this job, I kind of just…show more content…
I was very shy during training, which was probably because it was my first job. I felt completely out of my comfort zone, however I was excited to experience it for the first time. I soon got the hang of it after a few days of training. My first job was at the concessions area and then I switched to box office. Later on they also told me to work as an usher. I quickly began to create working hacks for myself to make my job easier but efficient. It was a good environment with great people to work with. I was doing pretty good, and according to my superiors, I was one of the top employees they had. They even rewarded me with an iPod touch for receiving a hundred percent on a secret shopper report. So I had very good work ethics and was a trusted employee at that point. I enjoyed my job, and it never got in the way of my studies. It got to the point where my superiors would have me train new employees and even go on movie promotion trips. It also became a competition to win a manager’s favor by taking the extra mile during work. With this some people were awarded monthly for their efforts. Which in fact is how I earned the position of cash
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