My First School Trip

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As I strolled on to the bus I thought, “That was the coolest trip I have ever been on.” Hold up! Let me start off where all this began………... “RRRRIIIINNNNGGGG!” The blaring bell had rung. “Don’t forget about the field trip slips, last year was a blast!” Mrs.P, my fifth grade Language Arts teacher, had exclaimed. I couldn 't wait for the trip. We were going to go to the park and have a huge picnic with dancing, sports, playing, all in the category of fun. The trip was on Friday and I could name a trillion reasons why I would have fun. It would be the best day ever. The next morning, I was too excited to even sleep as I regularly did, so I passed the time making lunch and breakfast so I can have something to eat. I ate my breakfast, a clean new york bagel with crispy bacon and a mellow, yellow, sunny side up egg that completes the sandwich. Yumm, my favorite! As I strutted to school I already saw the empty busses ready to get filled with students. After I said the announcements on the loudspeaker I go to home room and get ready for departure at the park. The Principal, Mr.Heidelberg calls us down to the busses and I couldn 't stop fidgeting. I sit down next to Mrs.P and I await the fun. The bus ride was not long to the park, in fact it was less than five minutes. As I skimmed the park I saw lots of trees, grass, rocks, sand, everything nature can offer in a park. There is also a baseball field, basketball court, a park, and a skate ramp. The first thing

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